3 Fears That Will Keep You From Traveling (And How to Beat Them!)

3 Fears That Will Keep You From Traveling (And How To Beat Them!)

When I talk with others about traveling, most people describe their wish to do more of it. Words like "someday" and "eventually" are often used and I wonder why not do more traveling now? Or at least why not do it soon? Within almost every conversation I see the very same roadblocks arise. Fears about traveling are quick to surface and it's easy to let them take root in our mindset - sometimes to the point where traveling seems like a distant dream. But it doesn't have to be that way.

If you want to make traveling happen, you have to prioritize it and beat the fears that hold you back. Changing your mindset isn't always easy, but taking the small steps to make your travel dreams a reality can yield great reward. Here are three fears that can keep you from traveling and how to beat them:

  1. You think you can't afford it. We can't deny it; travel costs money and it can be tough to say no to the other things that your money could potentially buy (new clothes, those happy hour drinks, or yet another houseplant...) But if getting out and exploring a new corner of the world is something you'd like to do someday soon, making an effort to put even a small amount money into a travel fund each week could bring your travel dreams into the now. You'll be surprised with how quickly $10-$20 per week can add up!
    Keep in mind that there are also parts of the world that are just more affordable to reach and have a more affordable cost of daily living. Some detailed research can reveal new destinations that might make a little more sense for you and your bank account! 

  2. You want to go big or not at all. Finding yourself inspired by all of the gorgeous travel photography you see online and on social media? Inspiration is brilliant, but use caution. Comparison is a terrible monster, guilty of stealing joy and creating insecurity. Filling your mind with only the most remote, expensive, and exclusive destinations often highlighted on our phone and computer screens can lead to some serious self-doubt and disillusion about travel. Ask yourself: what do I really want to get out of this trip? What am I most excited to see or do? A mellow camping trip might bring you just as much (or more!) joy as an international romp through Europe! Reflect on what you want, what you need, and what's attainable. All destinations are great in their own way; don't let anyone (yourself included) talk you out of traveling just because you aren't "going big" or doing exactly what someone else is - especially strangers on the Internet! 

  3. You're concerned about safety. Safety is always an important and valid concern. Before setting your heart on orcompletely swearing off a particular country or region, do some research on recent events and tourism. A location that might have been considered unsafe a few decades or even years ago might now be safe and open for tourists, and vice versa. Preparation and education can be the best defense again safety risk. I believe that in most cases, getting out of your comfort zone can lead to serious growth and learning. But when it comes to safety, trust your gut and use your instincts. 

What fears are you hanging onto the most? Will you be brave enough to start moving past them?


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3 Fears That Will Keep You From Traveling (And How To Beat Them!)