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Travel Co.

Whether you yearn for a luxury escape or a more down-to-earth stay, an intentional retreat is right at your fingertips, waiting to be discovered in your home state or half way around the globe. 

The properties and experiences featured on Farewell Travel Co. have been thoughtfully curated based on the ways they encompass wellness travel. Whether it be a boutique hotel with organic food offerings, a scenic destination with trails to hike, a coastal escape, or a well-designed space that allows us to unplug and unwind, there is something here for every traveler. The potential and possibilities are endless.  




Steph + Kyle

Husband and wife, Texas residents, avid travelers, and founders of Farewell Travel Co.

It all started back in college. We met after our freshman year, studied abroad together during our sophomore year, backpacked through Europe, and were married just weeks after graduation. From early on in our relationship, experiencing new corners of the world brought us closer together. Now, over four years later, traveling is still feeding our relationship in ways we never imagined. For us, wellness and travel go hand in hand. We seek destinations that make us feel good - mentally, spiritually, physically - whether it be sailing the coast of Santorini, hiking Hadrian's Wall, or finding rest and renewal right here in our hometown Dallas, Texas.

Together we've been to Mexico, Greece, Italy, Germany, Austria, Ireland, England, Scotland, Spain, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Canada, Wales, and to several U.S. states. We're looking to keep our adventure going and would love to take you with us.


We believe in pursuing adventure while nourishing mind, body, and spirit.