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Hello, my name is Stephanie

But you can call me Steph

I live in Dallas, Texas with my husband, Kyle, and our pup, Hazel. We started dating just before our sophomore year of college and fell in love while studying abroad in York, England. After backpacking across Europe together for nearly a month that year, we were hooked not only on each other - but on traveling too.

For us, wellness and travel go hand in hand. We find destinations that make us feel good - mentally, spiritually, physically - whether it be sailing the coast of Santorini, hiking Hadrian's Wall, or finding rest and renewal right here in our hometown. We travel as often as we can, but we’re just as happy building an intentional life together at home.

By no means am I perfect (far from it actually!) but Farwell Travel Co. is a place for me to chronical what I continue to learn about wellness and slow living. My hope is that together we can make a difference for ourselves or the world we live in. 




6 Easy Habits for Green Living at Home

Green living helps rid your home of harmful toxins, encourages self care practices in the purest form, and is your way to be a positive influence on our planet and the people who call it home. Even small changes in our daily lives can make a difference.

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green living at home

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where to stay

Whether it be a boutique hotel with organic food offerings, a scenic destination with trails to hike, or a well designed space that allows us to unplug - the properties we feature encompass the benefits of wellness travel

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Travel Tips + Advice

Packing guides, photo journals, tips for booking your own adventures, advice on incorporating wellness into your travel plans, and an inside look at our favorite destinations

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Style + Beauty

Sustainable clothing brands, cruelty free products, clean cosmetics, current obsessions, and maintaining a simple but effective beauty routine at home and while traveling

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Home + HealtH

Thoughts on intentional home practices, Whole30 tips, clean eating recipes, favorite workout gear, notes on staying active and the importance of self care